Tenement Roof Repairs

Tenements were built to house the number of people flocking to Glasgow during the industrial revolution in the 19th and 20th Century though tenements in Edinburgh date back as far as the 17th Century. Over 25% of Scottish properties, today are tenements. A tenement has traditionally been thought of as a residential sandstone or granite building of three or four storeys. These ancient buildings need exceptional care and when dealing with longstanding tenement roof repairs it’s vital to seek expert advice to help keep these iconic buildings in good repair.

As tenements are so tall, they face extreme weather conditions in comparison to traditional two storey properties; this is especially true as the West of Scotland has one of the wettest climates in Europe.

Tenement roofs are exposed to the elements 24 hours ago, 365 days a year, with freezing conditions to scorched summer temperatures, gusts of wind, hail and whipping rain, may cause significant damage to these ancient roofs over time. The results of being exposed to all sorts of weather can lead to tiles becoming loose and fixings weakening over time, badly maintained buildings are dangerous and reduce the value of your property. Proper conservation and upkeep is vital to safeguard your tenement roof. It is recommended by housing associations that a major overhaul of tiling on roofs should be considered every 40–50 years.

Tenements with chimney heads and lead roofs should be replaced every 40–50 years and slated roofs cast-iron gutters and downpipes should be replaced every 50-100 years.

By having tenement your roof checked regularly by the Glasgow Roofing Service, small problems will not spread leading to costly damages.

The constant deterioration of the poorly managed and maintained section of the tenement stock not only has an impact on the tenements immediately affected but on a much wider area. At its worst it can make the areas concerned feel less attractive, less safe and more isolated places to live.

The tenements that are so deeply entrenched in Scottish history are beautiful, but complex, buildings. They have been standing for over a century and can continue to do but tenements need all the owners to agree to regular upkeep of the whole building to ensure this. If any individual part is not well maintained, it has an impact on the whole structure. A 2010 study has shown there is thought 7000 below-standard tenements in Glasgow alone, this is about 8% of the total number. One of the shared responsibilities for tenement owners is the roof. The Glasgow Roofing Service aim to use our skilled tradesmen and expert knowledge to work with tenement owners to maintain, repair and restore the original beauty of these iconic Scottish buildings.

Tenement Management Scheme

We are proud to be experts in the Tenement Management Scheme, The tenement management scheme (TMS) sets out procedures flat owners need to follow when making ‘scheme decisions’ about maintaining and repairing common parts.

These rules can be used if your title deeds don’t specify how decisions should be made, or if different owners’ title deeds say conflicting things. TMS not only applies to tenements but also to properties that are divided into flats. A leak does not always have an obvious source or cause, our expert team will help source the problem and guide you through the TMS scheme legislation to ensure the costs are covered correctly. Our specialists will help and guide you through any considerations when maintaining or repairing these landmark roofs. The Glasgow Roofing Service has the skilled tradesmen, specialist equipment and legal knowledge to keep these spectacular roofs in prime working order for another hundred years throughout Glasgow’s West end and Southside.

In addition to working with tenement owners, we offer our skills to councils and housing associations as specialist roofing contractors.

Working on the West end and Southside tenement roofs in Glasgow is a job we have a great passion for and love to see these iconic buildings maintained.

However, we are aware that working on old buildings at a height comes with certain risks. As qualified roofers, we maintain extremely high standards when it comes to health and safety, especially when at high-risk jobs like tenements, these properties are not only ancient but taller than traditional properties making the risk greater.

Correct equipment is always used when maintaining and repairing tenements to minimise the risk of falling such as mobile elevation platforms with the aim to be on the roof for the minimum amount of time while still ensuring the highest standard of work completed.

Blocked tenement gutters are filled with debris such as leaves and moss meaning water does not drain correctly. This small problem can lead to bigger complications in the future, such as damaging to pointing and brickwork. Ideally, gutters should be cleaned twice a year to ensure the water can flow freely. At the Glasgow Roofing Service, we know it’s difficult to view the state of your gutters from the ground, use our expertise, skills and specialist equipment to manage all your guttering and downpipe needs.

We specialise in:

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  • Ability & experience to work on tall and older buildings

Here’s an example of one of our skilled tradesmen working on a Glasgow tenement repair.

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