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Slating & Lead Work

black shingle tile roof of a home

Slate roofing has been used in the UK for centuries, but due to lack of transport methods it was only ever used as roofing in homes close to the quarries that supplied it. This all changed however during the industrial revolution when slate was able to be mass produced. Lead sheeting is an extremely durable material and has been used in construction for over 200 years, though can be susceptible to corrosion due to condensation. Lead is known for its highly effective insulating abilities; metal roofs can offer up to a 40% reduction in energy costs in the summer, and up to a 15% reduction in the energy costs in the winter.

Maintained properly by roofing experts it will continue act as a hard-wearing protective roof to your property. The Glasgow Roofing Service’s expert teams ensure the correct installation and maintenance of your slate and lead roofs.

The Glasgow Roofing Service we specialise in all your slate and lead work needs. Lead and slate roofs are typical in Scottish roofing as they’re so durable. It’s especially common that older properties have these types of roofs. Though highly durable, slate and lead roofs sometime need some maintenance every so often as roofs are prone to wind damage causing slate tiles to come loose. Proper precautions undertaken by Scottish roofing installers against condensation will ensure that lead sheets will provide a long lasting, maintenance free covering to your home. Our specialist roofers in Glasgow, Hamilton and Edinburgh are equipped to deal with all your slate and lead work needs, using latest slate roof installation methods will give your roof a long-lasting and watertight with a lifespan of 80 to 100 years.

Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofs are popular all over the world, especially in warmer climates where there is less rain. Still popular throughout the UK, flat roof technology has come on in recent years making newly installed flat roofs highly efficient and durable. Today the most popular material is a single ply membrane..

Traditional flat roofs can sometimes get damaged causing leaks, but the Glasgow Roofing Service’s skilled roofers have the expertise to repair a multitude of flat roofs including both domestic and non-domestic flat roofs, dormer roofs, extensions & garages. Roof coatings can be used on existing flat roofs and can be expected to increase their lifespan by 10-15 years.

Garage flat roofs can be insulated, but it’s important any domestic flat roof has proper insulation and waterproofing in line with Building Regulations. Flat roofs can be waterproofed and insulated using either the “warm” or “cold” method, though “warm” is highly recommended in the UK as it avoids any need for ventilation in the roof deck.

When is a repair sufficient? Households can usually just repair their flat roof, and not spend extra on complete re-roofing if the age of the roof is still relatively young and if all past repairs have been in the same place indicating just one area of weakness. The Glasgow Roofing Service employs only expert tradesmen throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen etc. for all your flat roof repairs and roof coating needs.

Flat roof maintenance:

By properly maintaining your flat roof you can avoid damages, tough be aware that standing on the roof can cause damage in itself by puncturing the surface. Hire a professional from the Glasgow Roofing Service to remove debris and dirt from the roof. Overhanging trees should be trimmed back by at least one meter in order to prevent leaves collecting on the surface, or branches being blown onto the roof. In Scotland the weather can be unreliable, with storms common. After any case of extreme weather, such as wind, rain or snow, inspect your flat roof and contact an expert to begin with corrective action as soon as possible.

Tenement Roof Repairs

Tenements were built to house the number of people flocking to Glasgow during the industrial revolution in the 19th and 20th Century, though tenements in Edinburgh date back as far as the 17th Century. Over 25% of Scottish properties today are tenements. These ancient buildings need exceptional care and when dealing with longstanding tenement roof repairs it’s vital to seek expert advice to help keep these iconic buildings in good repair.

As tenements are so tall, they face extreme weather conditions in comparison to traditional two storey properties. This can lead to tiles becoming loose and fixings weakening over time, badly maintained buildings are dangerous and reduce the value of your property. Proper conservation and upkeep is vital to safeguard your tenement roof. By having your roof checked regularly by the Glasgow Roofing Service, small problems will not spread leading to costly damages.

We are experts in the Tenement Management Scheme (TMS) and can guide you through any decisions. TMS not only applies to tenements, but also to properties that are divided into flats. The Glasgow Roofing Service has the tradesmen, specialist equipment and legal knowledge to keep these roofs in order for another hundred years throughout Glasgow’s West end and Southside.

Gutter Repairs and Maintenance

gutter attached to a roof close look

Gutters are vital to the safe transport of water from your roof to the drain, without correctly working gutters you’re likely to run into many problems. Without gutters, rain water will run under the shingles of the roof causing damage. Not only do gutters keep your roof safe from water damage, but they also ensure rain water does not settle around the foundations of your property leading to cracks, this is especially dangerous if you have a basement, as costly and devastating flooding could occur.

Blocked gutters are filled with debris such as leaves and won’t drain water correctly and can lead to bigger problems such as damaging to pointing and brickwork. Homeowners should clean gutters twice a year to ensure the water can flow freely.

If you notice damage to your gutters, such as rust, it may mean they are extremely old and made of iron. These should be replaced to aluminium by our expert tradesmen adding to the aesthetic appeal to your home and removing damaging debris. The Glasgow Roofing Service are experts in gutter repairs throughout Scotland. We specialise in repairs and replacement throughout Scotland in all types of guttering material.

Chimney Repairs

Having an adequate chimney is the difference between a strong fire, and a week one. They provide ventilation and channel smoke from the property. They can be traced as far back as the Romans who used chimneys to funnel smoke from bakeries, though domestic use of chimneys was not recorded until the 12th Century. Today chimneys and pointing are often a neglected area of the roof but are most susceptible to damage after the extreme wind gusts and torrents of rain being typical of Scottish weather. Pointing is the procedure of restoring the mortar joints in brickwork. Structural damage can be devastating to your roof, and unavoidable corrosion is bound to happen over time due to chimneys being exposed to the extreme Scottish weather.

Our chimney experts will locate any damages and discuss the necessary steps to take in order to fix the problems. Old and weak mortar is removed first by our roofing experts, with new filling being added to support any existing mortar. Our Glasgow roofing company can rebuild your chimney, repoint or lead work.

Velux and Skylights

Light is something most households crave, but in modern homes we are short of space, and there isn’t always a wall suitable for a window if your home is dark and depressing adding a skylight or VELUX window can bring in some stunning natural light and ventilation. No matter the pitch of your roof, a VELUX window will fit perfectly making it a popular choice with homes looking to add extra light. Ideal for cooler Scottish cities, skylights have even been proven to reduce heating costs in colder climates due with a sky light installed on a south facing roof. Not only can VELUX and skylights bring warmth from the sun in, but household can reduce their bills by flooding your home with natural light.

Thanks to our years’ of experience our expert team of VELUX installers will guide you through the process from start to finish, helping you choose the correct sky light and positioning to enjoy the maximum benefits possible. There are multiple choices when installing a VELUX or skylight, including fixed non-opening skylights which are an economical way to bring light into the home in areas like stairwells. Electric VELUX and skylights are a great, modern option and can be controlled remotely and traditional manual VELUX or skylights which are operated by a rod. As with all Glasgow Roofing Service’s work, we ensure the installation is completed to our high standards.

There are two phases to a skylight installation: rooftop and interior. The rooftop section of the installation includes cutting the hole and fitting the skylight. The interior section is completed last and includes adding drywall and painting. Our highly skilled tradesmen have installed skylights and VELUX windows all over Scotland in cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen; they will do everything they can to ensure your home is free from dust and debris when completing the interior section of your skylight installation.

Roofing Installations

Most homeowners don’t often check their roofs, but it’s worthwhile having regular roof inspections. It is especially important when it comes to selling your home, as a low quality roof can radically decrease the value of your property. You can do a roof check easily by yourself; it’s recommended this is done twice a year. Take a torch and head to the attic and look out for:

  • Leaks
  • Sagging
  • Dark spots
  • Sunlight entering

Once you have done an internal inspection, it’s time to look for the possibility of any external roof damage, you’re looking for:

  • Wear and tear around the chimney
  • Shingle granules in the gutter
  • Cracks and missing shingles

If any of these are noticeable, you should contact the Glasgow Roofing Service immediately for an expert consultation. Quality maintenance and roof repair means it should not need replaced until completely necessary.

Signs you need a new roof: The age of your roof might give an indication of whether it needs replacing, most shingle asphalt roofs last between 20-25 years. When the shingles buckle and curl it means they’re not performing to their best and need replaced.

If your roof is relatively new and the problem of buckling problem occurs, the Glasgow Roofing Service will inspect your property to advise you if you’ve been fitted with defective materials.

During a roof inspection our expert team will advise you if they feel anything “spongy” when walking on the tiles. This means the roof has been weakened due to moisture.

It’s worth noting that sometimes it’s more cost effective to re-roof your property than to endure another anxious year, wondering if damage will spread amounting to spiralling roofing repair costs. Glasgow Roofing Service is trusted and reliable throughout Scotland and has installed high quality roofing in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth and more.

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